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conditional extend in buildout

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I’m working on some kind of generic buildout configuration file providing predefined sections to be imported in the deployment of Odoo instances for our customers, and by the developers in the team. Some parts of the setup can be customized locally by the developpers. In order to keep the default name for the buildout configuration file, I found the following trick useful for conditionally importing a customization file in `buildout.cfg`:

extends = local.cfg



The paranoid #! security guide

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The paranoid #! security guide

#! is read ‘crunchbang’ as in


Foreign data wrappers in PostgreSQL

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Foreign data wrappers in PostgreSQL

In 2003, a new extension called SQL/MED (“SQL Management of External Data”) was added to the SQL standard. It is a standardized way of handling access to remote objects in SQL databases. In 2011, PostgreSQL 9.1 was released with a great support of this standard.

In a nutshell, you can now use various Foreign Data Wrappers (FDW) to connect a PostgreSQL Server to remote data stores.



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To get started, I imported a few old blog entries from the time where I worked at Logilab, and used to blog on the company’s web site. Unfortunately, when I left, my account on the web site was wiped out, which resulted in my posts no longer being attributed to me.

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