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Misketonic : software project for Ketogenic Diet management

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200px-Ketone-group-2D-skeletal.svgI have started a software development project called Misketonic. The goal is to help my brother and his wife manage my nephew’s ketogenic diet. There does not seem to be any such project, at least not as free software. The Ketocalc tool is free (as in beer) for heath care professionals (and the patients of professionals having an account on the site) and the code is managed by Nutricia a company which also sales Ketocal, which is an very useful product when following that type of diet. So while my primary aim is to help my nephew, I’ll try and make the tool as useful as possible for other families.

The source code is available on bitbucket. As of today, Misketonic is starting to be useful, but still has lots of rough edges and is not really user friendly, especially for non French speakers, as the main food nutriment information comes from the Ciqual database, which provides aliment names in French. I’ll post updates on this blog as this evolves.


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